Why Topaz Leadership Solutions?

With over 20 years experience in Middle and Senior Management and an LOA practitioner, Nicki has empowered many to reach new heights both personally and professionally.

Empowerment Coaching

My mission is to help you develop your most authentic self—a self that is already within you and aware of the negative thoughts and behaviors holding you back, enabling you to:

*Better respond to life situations creatively v.s. reactively
* To show up in your unique expression at work and at home
* To reduce stress and better go with the flow of life
*Foster stronger relationships
* Grow in self-confidence
* Assert yourself
and be able to better respond to situations in personal, professional and community environments.
*Get clear about your vision and goals

Leadership Coaching

My mission is to enable Leaders the communication and leadership skills to engage in the act of leading themselves and their people to their fullest potentials through:

*Helping you accelerate your growth and increase success through authentic leadership
*Edit your thinking
*Deepen self-awareness
*Develop your mental energy
*Get clear about vision and goals
*Stress reduction
*Enriching your strengths

This done through both individual and team coaching.

Facilitated Workshops

My mission is to aid the team and its members to reach their potential, with the result that the business is elevated towards its vision through:

* Team goals
*Affirming values
*Carefrontational conversations
*Understanding strengths and weaknesses
*Being authentic in all areas of life
*Team building and confidence building physical activities
*Aligning behaviours and values
*Mutual accountability
*Strengthened trust
*Effective communication
*Decision making

Who Am I

Topaz Leadership Solutions is the vision of Nicki Brunton
Nicki Brunton

Nicki Brunton


Over 20 years Middle and Senior Management Roles. Business Development Manager for 7 different food retail franchises, helping grow potential of employees for a sales growth of over 250% in some cases. Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner.

See what others have to say

Testimonials from our current and past clients
Kaylie Uva

Kaylie Uva

Social Media Consultant

Nicki has been instrumental to me and my business growth. She has constantly given me great advice and guidance through lots of learning curves and challenges I have had along the way and always lead me to a clear path of clarity, validation and focus in what I was doing. Highly recommend nicki to anyone looking for that accountability coach who will empower you and guide you in the right direction that feels aligned to you.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell


I am totally thrilled with working with Nicki. She REALLY gets our vision and has been amazing aT helping us stream line our idea's and vision. Working with Topaz Success has been a real blessing to our business. I am excited to see our ideas and plans go forward to being a great success.

Dylan Somerfield

Dylan Somerfield

Career Coach

“Nicki is an amazing person who specialises in massively empowering professionals through coaching. Her disruptive technique is far more encompassing and flexible than any I have seen and addresses real issues that some other courses leave out, like how to overcome and manage feelings of guilt and balance career and family.”

Monthly Insights in to Leadership and Empowerment.


Inspiring change through empowerment.

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